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Do we learn from our mistakes?

Mistakes | En Medio de la Red

Understanding and trying to solve errors committed in the past seems to be an interesting exercise that is not commonly practiced while it should be. It is generally known that avoiding repeating either your worst decisions or actions contains more plus points than drawbacks, that is why it should be always present on everybody’s minds.

To start with and not from a self-centred outlook, we all should we aware of not relapsing on past facts that hurt the ones who were around us. Thus, we would be acting according to a promotion of a more harmonious society, which is a social community where reigns the maximum of “do not do to the other what you do not want to yourself”.
Furthermore, and paying attention to our own interests, our personal grownup must be a valid enough reason for noticing life lessons. Trying to pass from an immature attitude to a more mature and adult one should be one of the aims that direct people’s life, of course a target not straightforward to adapt to and to work on it and less straightforward to achieve.

Book | En Medio de la Red

Moreover, one of the most practical consequences which learning from our experience gives is the possibility to be able to give youngsters some helpful advice in the forthcoming years. Spending some time giving our offspring a hand could be a precious way to promote marvellous actions that you fail on doing them, while it ought to be enormously rewarding.
To sum up and as far as I am concerned, understanding past mistakes is a life experience ironically built by others experiences that we all should foster as it can mark the difference between an enjoyed meaningful life and one wasted. That is a more than enough reason.

Written by: Clàudia Tenas

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